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From Concept, to Creation, to Deployment

The chart above demonstrates the vast amount of resources and intelligence that goes into the making of a Web site. Although certainly not totally encompassing - there's always something unique about each company and its particular paradigm - it does speak to the importance of success planning.

Ironically Website launch, the final stage, is the beginning of another process - the analytics process.

The Analytics Process

The on-going of analyzing is a process as old as commerce itself. From small business to the enterprise this process is an essential one.

A close look at the statistics gathered by any Website can help analyze and optimize the effectiveness of the design and development process in its entirety as per the above chart. With Web 2.0 the next-generation of yield analysis is upon us.

The Website optimization process expands from quantitative to qualitative measurements to implementing the actions needed. This is a complicated process but a needed one as the results, if successfully implemented, undoubtedly mean a boost in ROI and a check mark next the success line.

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