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The Advantages of Cloud Hosting

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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting (Computing) is a powerful concept to handle highly dynamic work loads. Due to the fact that virtually unlimited resources are available computational expensive processes can be highly distributed. Moreover, resources are only paid as they are used. This model fits very well with WI (Web Intelligence), as large amounts of Web data can be accessed at the same time. All indiviudal observations are independ and can therefore be processed in parallel. This results in a truly scalable process.

With Cloud Hosting companies are able to host robust applications and other IT services so they can be deployed and scaled rapidly.

Cloud Providers achieve this by investing in a large, hosting infrastructure and using virtualization to divide this infrastructure up between different customers and services. This environment allows individual users to be able to easily scale up to higher capacities when needed. Most allow for on-demand access to CPU processing power without the need for shutting down user access to upgrade capacity.

Is it suitable for your Website?

With out question! The Cloud provides a powerful hosting environment for any Website that demands uptime - and what site doesn't? It is not subject to the problems of shared Web hosting - see next tab for more on this. From the smallest site to the busiest, cloud hosting provides on-demand performance.

Perhaps the only qualifier is for those that want self-instaling applications such as those provided by our LiteSpeed cPanel servers; with cloud hosting you need to install your own applications. This is actually fairly easy to accomplish these days.

What about the cloud hosting environment?

The Technomax Cloud is hosted at our partner's (RackSpace) Data Centers in Texas. They are perhaps the premier provider of IT services in the world. As a Technomax customer you get all the benefits of RackSpace's well-known Fanatical Support Services© plus all the added benefits provided by Technomax. This provides you with an unbeatable dual-level of support and other services, as well as special discounts.

Our cloud customers rave about the support and the services. That's the difference for them and the reason we've been in business as a hosting agency since 1997. Read some testimonials here.

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