Scalable and Burstable On-Demand Hosting

We use clustered environments for our shared hosting plans that are always undersold leaving plenty of capacity for bursts of traffic. This results in our customers always having the processing power needed to endure incidents that require dramatic, short term bursts of traffic to their websites.

Often a hosting provider will suspend accounts that exceed their bandwidth limit or throttle the bandwidth so the website becomes, for all intent and purposes, unaccessible. With our undersold clustered environment our customers can pay for any extra transfer and provide their site visitors unfettered access to their sites.

On Demand Seamless Server Resources

When your site experiences unusually prolonged bursts of traffic as a result of marketing campaign, video or other media presentations, seasonal shopping activity and the like, we are able to seamlessly move your site to a idle web server in our cluster or cloud. This will allow your site to sustain these traffic bursts for the time needed. You would be able to pay for usage on demand for bandwidth while your site is located on the dedicated server. The cost is reasonable and once the site traffic returns to normal levels your account will return to its standard levels. For example a burst of 2000 CPU cycles above your allotted usage on the VHS Cloud would only cost about $20. Our on demand services will keep your site on line when it most needs to be.

In the event that your increased growth is permanent our on demand services will allow you to seamlessly migrate to a clustered dedicated server or more powerful hosting plan.

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