Think about the value you're receiving:

The LiteSpeed-cPanel Hosting Platform offers exceptional value for any website that needs performance power. At Technomax we never oversell our services, which in turn, allows you to experience quicker loading data files; and with LiteSpeed Server, much faster PHP/MySQL application processing. CPU power and how much is available is the real key to near 100% up time. A hosting provider can promise you gigabytes of server space and gigabytes of data transfer, but if you really need it, you'll never get it. Experienced website owners know this is an absolute fact!!

Most shared hosting accounts are situated on over crowded server environments and simply can't deliver the CPU power needed to provide sites that load reasonably quick and don't crash every time a few too many SQL processes are run. Most of our recent new customers have found us because they were experiencing poor performance with their previous hosting provider.

Our customers have been enjoying 99.86% site uptime with our LiteSpeed-cPanel Hosting Packages. The reason for this is simple - we control our servers and systems and make sure that we never crowd them to the point were failures will become commonplace rather than rare.

So when you're accessing hosting providers be sure to compare 'apples to apples' and count Technomax' Undersold Infrastructure as a big plus. If you're after incomparable performance, the few dollars you may pay extra to be on LiteSpeed-cPanel servers, will be well worth it.

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