Think about the value you're receiving:

The HSphere High Availability Cluster provides the power of a high-end VPS but adds redundancy for all critical services, continuous data protection for all your files and databases using R1 Soft. And, of course as mentioned, high availability!

The Hsphere System is more reliable than a dedicated server since your site has access to an enterprise grade cluster of specialized servers with the benefits of RAID protection as well.

Our customers have been enjoying 100% site uptime since May 15th 2009 (date today is Dec 3rd, 2009). Below is just a partial list of services with The Technomax Hsphere High Availability System that are included free of charge:

  • Free GeoTrust Rapid SSL Certificate - This trusted root certificate will allow you to encrypt any of a number of applications used to collect information securely from your website visitors. This will build trust between your site and its users.
  • Application Security - Our firewalls not only help prevent DoS attacks but are also adept at stopping XXS and injection attacks against many of today's most used web applications
  • Free IP Address(es)
  • Free MS SQL Databases on Windows and Cold Fusion PLans

So when you're accessing hosting providers be sure to compare 'apples to apples' and add on the extras that The Hsphere System includes free of charge. If you're after incomparable performance, the few dollars you may pay extra to be on The Cloud, will be well worth it.

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