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What is LiteSpeed Server?

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server. It is completely Apache interchangeable so LiteSpeed Web Server can quickly replace a major bottleneck in your existing web delivery platform. With its comprehensive range of features and easy-to-use web administration console, LiteSpeed Web Server can help you conquer the challenges of deploying an effective web serving architecture.

LiteSpeed Web Server has superior performance in terms of both raw speed and scalability. Our benchmarks demonstrate that it is more than 6 times faster than Apache. When serving static content, LiteSpeed surpasses well-respected content accelerators including thttpd, boa and TUX. When it comes to dynamic content, LiteSpeed is more than 50% faster in PHP content delivery than Apache with mod_php.

If you're curious and want to know more about LiteSpeed Server, please Visit Their Website for detailed information.

Powerful Hosting Environment

Our LiteSpeed - cPanel Hosting Systems are powered by enterprise-level technology on Pentium Quad Core Harpertown Servers with a minimum of 8 GB RAM and 8 processors. Through this we bring you the ultimate hosting service for any small to mid-sized business Website that is serious about its Web Initiative.

Our support services are provided by some of the best techs in the business. Our selection of hosted services further enhance your hosting plan.

Handles DDoS Attacks with Relative Ease

DDoS (Denial of Service Attacks)are an issue that ISP's have to deal with on a regular basis. Usually high profile sites are the targets of the individuals or groups that initiate such attacks and their motives vary from simple vandalism to outright criminal intentions. However, smaller sites are not immume to such attacks and security is an issue for all public Websites.

LiteSpeed Server has been designed with security in mind. With chroot jail, IP level bandwidth throttling, connection accounting, strict HTTP request checking, and URL context filtering, DoS effects are minimized and the application backend is properly fenced away from the HTTP request layer, greatly reducing vulnerability.

A recent test demonstrated that when LiteSpeed server was attacked by 300 Bots each sending 30 requests per second that the server load never even reached 1. Normally Apache on it's own could not handle this and the server would have crashed. However, with LiteSpeed and the firewall rules all the attacking IP's were banned within a reasonable time and the server kept running. This comes from

Significant Performance Improvement

The great thing about LiteSpeed is the huge boast in performance any Website hosted on it will receive. Ecommerce applications like Magento run significantly faster as do other CPU intensive applications. It's also very affordable and returns a great value for the hosting dollar.

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