What is Bandwidth

We tend to think of bandwidth as the amount of data our websites have available to transfer files to the browsers of our site visitors. This is not correctly described as bandwidth and is really data transfer per month. We have simply adopted the term bandwidth and measure it in GigaBytes (GB) per month. Most websites transfer less than 10 GB's of data monthly; so hosting companies that offer you 3,000 GB or even unlimited bandwidth are offering you something you really don't need and, if you did, they could not provide it anyway. Well at least not on a $4.00 a month hosted plan located on a shared server with another 500 (usually more sites as your neighbors).

Network Bandwidth

Network bandwidth is really the true measure of bandwidth. This is bandwidth available to the network your website is hosted on and is the important consideration. Your Web Host could offer you unlimited or any other large amount of bandwidth but it would be next to impossible to deliver your site's content during peak times, unless the Network had the needed bandwidth to service all sites on your server and others. In addition the server itself must have an Ethernet connection capable of handling large volumes of requests - a 1000 Mbit/s is highly recommended. Websites that are hosted on overcrowded servers can become very slow or even impossible to view if only a few neighboring sites put a high demand on the server. We are sure you see this often and, if you're like most of our customers, you came to Technomax for a viable and affordable solution for your hosting needs just for the reasons mentioned above.

The Technomax Bandwidth Policy
  1. Our bandwidth providers do an excellent job of blending their own peering effectively with proper transit selections to provide a quality product.
  2. We provide each of our Hosting Plans with sufficient data transfer (bandwidth, if you like)
  3. We never over sell our servers and through this we can handle bursts of traffic by providing ondemand bandwidth when a site needs it. This keeps a website online and visible during peaks in network traffic or traffic to that unique site. If demand for resources continues over a period of time, then the site owner can easily move to a hosting plan with more capacity. Nice problem to have because it means your site is in demand.
  4. Our main concern is doing all we can to provide your site with the resources it needs to perform properly and have concentrated our efforts in making a 'always available infrastructure' available to you.
Fair Prices and Superb Value

If cheap hosting with large volumes of data transfer you'll never be able to use are operative ideas for anyone reading this, then Technomax is never going to satisfy you. On the other hand, if fair prices, superb value and quality over quantity are part of your business philosophy, then Technomax might be a sensible choice.

Compare us to other hosting providers who offer similar high performance hosting options, then you'll find our prices extremely competitive.

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