Dedicated Servers on a fully redundant SAS 70 Network

The IronScalesm® Dedicated Cloud - Dedicated Servers - All Fully Managed

The IronScalesm® Dedicated Cloud brings hardware based cloud-like flexibility matched to the reliability only a dedicated server can deliver. Take unparalleled speed, a dedicated enterprise-class infrastructure, N+2 redundancy, 99.999% availability and package it with 24x7 expert support and you can rest assured your dedicated infrastructure will meet your expectations right down to the finest detail.
Even our stand-alone servers offer N+1 redundancy, a fully meshed network and network failover for uptime and performance others can only talk about.
Whatever your dedicated requirements are we can assist you with customizing your solution. Servers may all look the same and technical terms may all sound the same, but the individuals and companies using them have specific needs and goals, so please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll help steer you to the right solution.

Dedicated Server Solutions

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The IronScalesm Dedicated Cloud lets you build, manage, and scale entire physical server environments in minutes from a secure Web portal. Built to deliver the efficiency and agility of cloud computing within the secure framework of a bare metal server, IronScalesm enables customers to provision and manage physical servers, install preferred operating systems, and configure network and security infrastructure - in minutes as opposed to hours, days, or weeks.

What makes IronScalesm Different

As a fully automated managed hosting service, IronScalesm delivers the efficiency and agility of virtualization within the secure framework of a non-shared bare metal server that enables customers to quickly create the ideal environment for their applications, whether in the development, test or production stage. Through IronScalesm, servers can be cloned instantly or networks switched dynamically to test applications in both a physical or virtual environment to ensure application performance.

As the only solution to provide snapshot capabilities on physical servers, IronScalesm can instantly capture and restore a server's boot volume to a given point in time. Customers can also create custom gold images to clone entire physical servers, as well as utilize auto-failover to eliminate server downtime. They can then repurpose servers or reload operating systems and applications to quickly return to initial builds. When ready for production, customers can use IronScalesm's portal to move, promote or repurpose servers easily across development, test and production environments, all in real-time.

IronScalesm's unique interface gives customers direct control over their hosted infrastructure. It provides on-demand control and flexibility to deliver reduced IT costs, increased IT productivity and improved business agility. With IronScalesm, tasks that typically take hours or days - like bringing up a server, adding storage and repurposing a server - now take minutes. This allows customers to focus on their applications and their customers by letting IronScalesm handle the rest.

The Neovise Perspective

Every technology and service should be chosen based on the value it delivers, not on the related buzz factor. IronScalesm not only delivers clear value, but also unique capabilities and advantages not available in other offerings. The service is built first and foremost around dedicated infrastructure, a proven approach that enables precise control and high levels of security. Yet it still offers the flexibility, extensibility, self-service and cost advantages associated with fully virtualized environments.

Rather than simply trying to ride the latest big wave called cloud computing with a "me too" solution, IronScalesm is focused on delivering a unique and compelling value proposition. While IronScalesm certainly fits the NIST definition of cloud computing, it positions itself as an Instant Physical Infrastructuretm with cloud capabilities. Regardless of terminology, the benefits are clear. These include direct control, anytime and anywhere browser accessibility, instant scalability, enhanced agility, conversion of capital expenses to operational expenses, and predictable, monthly costs - all built on a secure, reliable, world-class datacenter.

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