We have become used to thinking of Website transfer in terms of GigaBytes per month. For example, the average site uses approximately 5 GB of data transfer monthly; this equates to some 50,000 page views each month. We just didn't pull this figure out of a hat; it's based on 14 years of experience in the hosting sector. Granted in the last few years this has increased a little

For comparison purposes, let's look at just how many page views the various Technomax LiteSpeed-cPanel Hosting Accounts can deliver:

Plan Allowed Monthly Data Transfer Average Page Size inc. Graphics Approximate Monthly Page Views
LS-CP 101 20 GB 100 KB 200,000
LS-CP 201 30 GB 100 KB 300,000
LS-CP 301 50 GB 100 KB 500,000
LS-CP 401 60 GB 100 KB 700,000
LS-CP 501 150 GB 100 KB 1,5000,000
LS-CP 601 250 GB 100 KB 2,500,000

How much mileage you will get will depend directly on the average page size within your site. The most critical factor is, as always, the tpye os site you run. If your size is dynamic such as a busy CMS, ecommerce and database processes, you sites performance will be directly related to the amount of CPU it needs.

For most sites LiteSpeed-cPanel will perform exceptionally well; on the other hand for very busy dynaically driven websites our VHS and Hsphere cloud and clustered systems, may be a better choice.

The key to the right hosting package will depend on what your site needs to run at peak performance. One thing we know is that one of our hosting plans or clustered servers will work for you.

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